Bringing the Taste of Morocco to America

Bringing the Taste of Morocco to America

"Spending time with Owice Aittaleb is intoxicating. He invites you into his magical world of brilliant color and textures while sipping his homemade cappuccino and sharing the ancient story of the artisans he so proudly represents.  

Owice owns Marrakech Connection and  Zellige Tile Studio, mixing his business (MBA) background with his eye for design to import stunning wares from his native Morocco.

His childhood was spent in his father’s boutique clothing stores. “My best childhood memories were watching my father mix and match colors and fabrics for his customers.” Owice had his own store by age 16. Drawn to the endless possibilities that America offers, he moved to Charlotte when he was 20.

I first came to Owice to purchase handmade rugs for a house I was staging. I wanted to get my hands on the rich colors and patterns that just happen to be on-trend, but will never go out of style. Little did I know of the pedigree of these very special pieces (by the way they are so much more affordable than I anticipated, especially for the quality).

Rugs are personal for Owice. He hand-picks every rug he sources. He connects with it. He sees its potential to transform a space. It is so rewarding to meet people who share my passion for design, craftsmanship, and simple beauty. 

 “Each time I fold one, it brings back childhood memories of visiting my uncle who owns a rug store in a Berber town in the Atlas Mountains. Handmade rugs are the centerpiece of the Amazigh/Berber tribes of Morocco. Families can spend months, even years, crafting the intricate details and designs that symbolize their tribe.” Owice Aittaleb

I had just started thinking of my latest renovation: a 1920s guest cottage (more on that soon). I knew I had two accent spaces that needed something very special: a large, back kitchen wall and a floor-to-ceiling fireplace surround. The moment I saw Owice’s collection of Moroccan tile known as Zellige tile, I knew he could help me design something extraordinary.  

Zellige has been handmade in Morocco for more than a thousand years. It is a craft of geometry and color and patience. Thanks to Owice, I have an immense appreciation of the art and feel so honored to have a small piece of ancient history in my humble cottage.  

Owice and I have some fantastic ideas to create some shared pop-up opportunities in Charlotte. Stay tuned to hear about that. But in the meantime, I highly recommend visiting Owice’s website or just give him a call.  If you crave something very special in your home: this is it.

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