About us

Zellige is a unique, Moroccan tile that is designed using detailed and complex geometric patterns dating back nearly a thousand years in Morocco's history. The exceptionalism and authenticity of Zellige tile lies in its raw material, which is  found only in two regions of Morocco, and in the laborious steps it takes to hand knead the clay, hand paint, and kiln bake it as well as assemble these tiles pieces one by one. Due to its versatility and the character that it adds to a living space, Zellige tile has captured the minds of the world's top interior designers and architects and has enhanced homes across the globe.

I created the Zellige Tile Studio branch of Marrakech Connection to partner with my extended family, and their Zellige tile business in Fes, Morocco and have an official representation in the U.S. This will allow us to be closer to our customers here in America. My family's business has gained the trust of its clients in Morocco and abroad for over 55 years and has made and installed Zellige tiles for all types of projects and customers. Some of our major projects include:   

  • World-famous La Mamounia Hotel in Marrakech - 1987 
  • Private villa in Laguna Beach, California - 1984
  • Moroccan Consulate in NYC - 1985
  • Royal Moroccan Palaces in Marrakech, Tangier, Fes and Agadir 
  • Mazagan Beach Resort - 2006 
  • Several restaurants in Charlotte, Atlanta and Ashville. 

We, at Marrakech Connection, work with all clients to customize and create the best Zellige design, pattern, and colors by integrating this Moroccan craftsmanship with all types of residential and commercial architecture. Common applications of Zellige tile include: 

  • Kitchen backsplash 
  • Bathrooms and showers 
  • Accent walls & ceilings 
  • Fireplaces 
  • Swimming pools, fountains, and more  

Check out our collection; The Essentials, The Art Deco, The Elaborate   

Reach out to us to discuss your future project, regardless of type and size, at info@zelligetilestudio.com If you're local to Charlotte, NC, make an appointment to stop by. We'll make you Moroccan tea, share with you our samples, and talk with you more about this incredible art form.