The Founder

 Interior Designers Entrepreneur Business man Charlotte, NC South East

I’ve always wanted to bring a taste of Morocco to America. I moved to Charlotte at age 20, drawn to the endless possibilities that America offered. In Morocco, I grew up in my father’s boutique clothing stores that focused on quality, Italian fine garments and the VIP customer experience. My best childhood 80's memories were watching my father mix and match colors and fabrics for his VIP clients while they sipped espresso seated in a brown, leather couch. I had my own store by age 16 but ultimately wanted to carve my own path. After I moved Charlotte in 2000, I enrolled in college while working multiple jobs and eventually earned my bachelors degree and MBA followed by a long tenure in corporate America. Twenty years later, my family’s tradition of business ownership has come full circle. I saw a need for the colors, design, and craftsmanship of Morocco in American homes and home decor. 

Zellige tile has a limitless combination of geometric shapes, patterns, and colors. The Andalucian-Arab craft dates back a thousand years and is the epitome of patience, brainpower, and artistic vision. I gained a true appreciation for Zellige after I started visiting tile shops here in America and realizing the lack of craftsmanship and authenticity, all pieces felt the same, mass manufactured regardless of price. Then, I thought of contacting my extended family in Fes, Morocco that has been in Zellige Tile craft for generations to learn more about this unique art. The Merzak family has completed Zellige Tile projects around the world dating back to early 80's, including several of the Moroccan palaces, the world famous La Mamounia HotelMazaghan Beach Resort to mention the least. I am personally connected with these master craftsmen to help bring to life each idea and inspiration.

Moroccan Home Decor and Handmade Rugs are the centerpiece of the Amazigh/Berber tribes in Morocco. Families could spend months, even years, crafting the intricate details and designs that symbolize their tribes. For me, rugs are personal. Each time I fold one, it brings back childhood memories of visiting my uncle who owns a rug store in a Berber town in the Atlas Mountains. I hand-pick every rug I source. I connect with it. I see its potential to transform a space.