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Desert Bloom 2x6 Bejmat

Desert Bloom 2x6 Bejmat

Bejmat is part of our Essentials Collection. In our opinion, it is the easiest to install and the most versatile. it is perfect for floors as well as walls indoors and outdoors. The uniqueness and versatility of Bejmat or 2x6 Subway is that it can be arranged in multiple different ways, herringbone pattern, staggered horizontally, vertically and more. it can also be paired with 2x2 squares and gives you another dozen set pf combination of patterns.  

We encourage our clients to explore combining 2 or three colors of the same shape to unveil a limitless amount of design possibilities.  

Don't hesitate to contact us for questions, ideas or a How To question.

Aproximate Dimensions: 

Length: 2"
Width: 6"
Thickness: 3/4" 


!00% Natural Clay from Morocco

Care information

Zellige Tiles are very durable and require minimum care.

Avoid using high acidic cleaning product and pressure washing. Care for them like any other tiles.


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