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Terracotta Unglazed

Terracotta Unglazed

The 4x4 Zellige Square tiles are the center piece of Zellige tile. They are versatile, they can be installed indoors and outdoors, on the floors and walls. Normal square install, diagonal or even staggered are some of the ways you can get a nice pattern with your 4x4. We also encourage our clients to explore combining 2 or three colors of the same shape to unveil a limitless amount of design possibilities.  

Each piece is has a unique aspect to it with combination of slight variation in color and texture. These tiles are ideal for any project and are the easiest to in stall in the Zellige tile family products. 

Every step in the process of making these tiles is made by the hands of true craftsmen in Fes Morocco. From kneading the raw clay, to color dying to cutting the edges with a chisel like tool and every step in between. 

The Terracotta unglazed gives the most earthy natural look and feel to any space given that it has natural clay color, it is highly recommended to seal the unglazed for even better look and feel and to avoid getting it stained.  

Approximate dimensions: 

1/2" Thickness 
3.8" Length  

Care instructions

The unglazed zellige tiles are like any natural Terracotta product that's made out of pure clay with no chemicals added. They age gracefully and prefer low acidic cleaning products from time to time, NO pressure washing. Apply 511 Porous Plus Sealer once every two years or so and then Matt Finish Protective Wax to extend it's life.



!00% Natural Clay from Morocco

Care information

Zellige Tiles are very durable and require minimum care.

Avoid using high acidic cleaning product and pressure washing. Care for them like any other tiles.

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